NETINFO(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers NETINFO(9F)

netinfo - interface to network data/functionality

The net_getnetid() interface is designed to provide the framework for accessing functionality and data within an implementation of a network layer protocol (OSI layer 3.) A protocol may or may not provide full coverage for each of the functions that is described within this interface. Where it does not, it must return an appropriate error condition for that call. Documentation pertaining to the network protocol, as found in man page section 4P, must list which functions provided by this interface are and are not supported.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Committed

attributes(7), hook_alloc(9F), hook_free(9F), net_getifname(9F), net_getlifaddr(9F), net_getmtu(9F), net_getnetid(9F), net_getpmtuenabled(9F), net_hook_register(9F), net_hook_unregister(9F), net_inject(9F), net_inject_alloc(9F), net_inject_free(9F), net_instance_alloc(9F), net_instance_free(9F), net_instance_register(9F), net_instance_register(9F), net_ispartialchecksum(9F), net_isvalidchecksum(9F), net_kstat_create(9F), net_kstat_delete(9F), net_lifgetnext(9F), net_netidtozonid(9F), net_phygetnext(9F), net_phylookup(9F), net_protocol_lookup(9F), net_protocol_release(9F), net_protocol_walk(9F), net_routeto(9F), net_zoneidtonetid(9F), hook_nic_event(9S), hook_pkt_event(9S), hook_t(9S), net_inject_t(9S), net_inject_t(9S)

May 1, 2008 OmniOS