USBA_HCDI_CB_OPS(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers USBA_HCDI_CB_OPS(9F)

usba_hubdi_cb_ops, usba_hubdi_open, usba_hubdi_ioctl, usba_hubdi_close
character device utility functions for HCD drivers

#include <sys/usb/usba/hubdi.h>

usba_hubdi_open(dev_info_t *dip, dev_t *devp, int flag, int otyp, cred_t *cred_p);

usba_hubdi_ioctl(dev_info_t *dip, dev_t dev, int flag, intptr_t arg, int mode, cred_t *cred_pp, int *rval_p);

usba_hubdi_close(dev_info_t *dip, dev_t dev, int flag, int otyp, cred_t *cred_p);

Volatile - illumos USB HCD private function

This is a private function that is not part of the stable DDI. It may be removed or changed at any time.

Pointer to the device's dev_info structure.

All other parameters are the same as the ones described and discussed in open(9E), ioctl(9E), and close(9E).

The usba_hubdi_open(), usba_hubdi_ioctl(), and usba_hubdi_close() functions are functions provided for the implementation of USB HCD drivers. USB HCD drivers are required to implemnt the open(9E), ioctl(9E), and close(9E) cb_ops(9S) functions. In each of those functions, they should use the device number to determine number in devp or dev to determine the device's corresponding dev_info_t. The USB HCD driver's entry points should then call the corresponding function described above, passing all the arguments they received unmodified.

The USB HCD driver's entry points should return the value returned by the call to the corresponding USBA function.

These functions should only be called from the context of a USB HCD driver's open(9E), ioctl(9E), and close(9E) entry points.

close(9E), ioctl(9E), open(9E), usba_hcdi(9E), cb_ops(9S)
November 26, 2017 OmniOS