usba_hcdi_get_device_privateget HCD per-device private value

#include <sys/usb/usba/hcdi.h>

void *
usba_hcdi_get_device_private(usba_device_t *usb_device);

illumos USB HCD private function

This is a private function that is not part of the stable DDI. It may be removed or changed at any time.

Pointer to a USB device.

The () function obtains the private data set by a HCD driver. This private data is created by the HCD driver's optional entry point usba_hcdi_device_init(9E) and is removed during the HCD driver's optional entry point usba_hcdi_device_fini(9E). If an HCD driver does not implement these entry points then the value obtained by a call will always be the null pointer, NULL.

The framework provides no form of locking of this data and it is up to the HCD driver to use whatever synchronization primitives it requires if needed.

The usba_hcdi_get_device_private() function is generally called from the context of a usba_hcdi(9E) entry point, but may be called from user, kernel, or interrupt context.

The private data set by an HCD driver is always returned. If no such value has been set, then NULL is returned.

usba_hcdi(9E), usba_hcdi_device_fini(9E), usba_hcdi_device_init(9E)

May 7, 2016 OmniOS