CSX_FREEHANDLE(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers CSX_FREEHANDLE(9F)

csx_FreeHandle - free access handle

#include <sys/pccard.h>
int32_t csx_FreeHandle(acc_handle_t *handle);

illumos DDI Specific (illumos DDI)

The access handle returned from csx_RequestIO(9F), csx_RequestWindow(9F), or csx_DupHandle(9F).

This function frees the handle, handle. If the handle was created by the csx_DupHandle(9F) function, this function will free the storage associated with this handle, but will not modify any resources that the original handle refers to. If the handle was created by a common access setup function, this function will release the resources associated with this handle.

Successful operation.


No PCMCIA hardware installed.

This function may be called from user or kernel context.

csx_DupHandle(9F), csx_RequestIO(9F), csx_RequestWindow(9F)

PC Card95 Standard, PCMCIA/JEIDA

July 19, 1996 OmniOS