MR_GGET(9E) Driver Entry Points MR_GGET(9E)

fill MAC group information

#include <sys/mac_provider.h>

prefix_fill_group_info(void *driver, mac_ring_type_t rtype, const int group_index, mac_group_info_t *infop, mac_group_handle_t gh);

Uncommitted - This interface is still evolving. API and ABI stability is not guaranteed.

A pointer to the driver's private data that was passed in via the m_pdata member of the mac_register(9S) structure to the mac_register(9F) function.
A value indicating the type of ring that makes up the groups. Valid values include:
The group is intended for use with receive rings.
The group is intended for use with transmit rings.
An integer value that uniquely identifying the group. Groups are numbered starting from zero.
A pointer to an instance of a mac_group_info(9S) structure.
An opaque pointer to a group handle that can be used to identify this group.

The mr_gget() entry point provides a means for the device driver to fill in information about a group. The driver returns information about the group to the MAC framework via the infop argument. For the list of fields and an explanation of how to fill them in, please see mac_group_info(9S).

The rtype argument describes whether this is a group of receive rings or a group of transmit rings. This is identified by the value in rtype which will be MAC_RING_TYPE_RX for a receive group and MAC_RING_TYPE_TX for a transmit group. It is recommended that a driver doule check that the rtype matches what it expects if it uses separate entry points for receive and transmit groups. The group information that is filled in varies between transmit and receive groups. If separate entry points were not specified in the mac_capab_rings(9E) structure, then the driver must ensure that it checks this value and acts appropriately.

The group_index argument is used to uniquely identify a group. Groups are numbered starting at zero and end at one less then the number of groups specified in mr_gnum member of the mac_capbab_rings_t structure which is described in mac_capab_rings(9E). Group IDs can be represented as the mathematical range [0, mr_gnum).

After filling in the group information in infop, the driver should make sure to store the group handle gh for future use, mapping it to the index group_index.

The mr_gget() entry point will be called in response to a driver calling the mac_register(9F) function and the driver has acknowledged that it supports the MAC_CAPAB_RINGS capability.

mac(9E), mac_capab_rings(9E), mac_register(9F), mac_group_info(9S), mac_register(9S)
July 2, 2022 OmniOS