LIBPAM(3LIB) Interface Libraries LIBPAM(3LIB)

libpam - PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) library

cc [ flag... ] file... -lpam [ library... ]
#include <security/pam_appl.h>

Functions in this library provide routines for the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM).

The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See Intro(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces.

pam_acct_mgmt pam_authenticate
pam_chauthtok pam_close_session
pam_end pam_get_data
pam_get_item pam_get_user
pam_getenv pam_getenvlist
pam_open_session pam_putenv
pam_set_data pam_set_item
pam_setcred pam_start


shared object


configuration file


authentication management PAM module for dialups


authentication management PAM modules that use ruserok()


sample PAM module

See attributes(7) for description of the following attributes:

MT Level MT-Safe with exceptions

pvs(1), Intro(3), pam(3PAM), pam.conf(5), attributes(7), pam_authtok_check(7), pam_authtok_get(7), pam_authtok_store(7), pam_dhkeys(7), pam_dial_auth(7), pam_passwd_auth(7), pam_rhosts_auth(7), pam_sample(7), pam_unix_account(7), pam_unix_auth(7), pam_unix_session(7)

The functions in libpam are MT-Safe only if each thread within the multithreaded application uses its own PAM handle.

The pam_unix(7) module is no longer supported. Similar functionality is provided by pam_authtok_check(7), pam_authtok_get(7), pam_authtok_store(7), pam_dhkeys(7), pam_passwd_auth(7), pam_unix_account(7), pam_unix_auth(7), and pam_unix_session(7).

March 24, 2004 OmniOS