NET_INJECT_T(9S) Data Structures for Drivers NET_INJECT_T(9S)

net_inject_t - structure for describing how to transmit a packet

#include <sys/neti.h>

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI).

The net_inject_t data structure passes information in to net_inject about how to transmit a packet. Transmit includes sending the packet up into the system as well as out of it.

mblk_t *ni_packet; /* start of the packet */
struct sockaddr_storage ni_addr; /* address of next hop */
phy_if_t ni_physical; /* network interface to use */


Pointer to the first the mblk_t data structure that makes up this packet.


This field is only required to be initialized if NI_DIRECT_OUT is being used to transmit the packet. The sockaddr_storage field must be set to indicate whether the destination address contained in the structure is IPv4 (cast ni_addr to struct sockaddr_in) or IPv6 (cast ni_addr to struct sockaddr_in6).


The physical interface where the packet will be injected.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Committed

attributes(7), net_inject(9F), netinfo(9F)

May 1, 2008 OmniOS