mac_transceiver_info, mac_transceiver_info_set_present, mac_transceiver_info_set_usable
set MAC transceiver property information

#include <sys/mac_provider.h>

mac_transceiver_info_set_present(mac_transceiver_info_t *infop, boolean_t present);

mac_transceiver_info_set_usable(mac_transceiver_info_t *infop, boolean_t usable);

Volatile - This interface is still evolving in illumos. API and ABI stability is not guaranteed.

A pointer to an opaque structure obtained as an argument to the mct_info(9E) entry point.
A boolean that indicates whether the transceiver is present.
A boolean that indicates whether the transceiver is usable.

The mac_transceiver_set_present() and mac_transceiver_set_usable() functions are used to set information about a transceiver as part of the mct_info(9E) entry point to obtain information about a MAC transceiver. For more information and background, see the Transceiver Information Functions section of mac_capab_transceiver(9E).

The mct_transceiver_set_present() function sets whether or not the transceiver is present and plugged into the system. If the transceiver is not plugged in, then the function should be called with present set to B_FALSE, otherwise it should use B_TRUE.

The mct_transceiver_set_usable() function determines whether or not the device can use the transceiver. If the device cannot use the transceiver, then it should call the function with usable set to B_FALSE. Otherwise, it should use B_TRUE. If the transceiver is not present, then this function should not be called.

These functions should be called in response to handling the mct_info(9E) entry point for transceivers in kernel context.

mac(9E), mac_capab_transceiver(9E), mct_info(9E)
November 26, 2017 OmniOS