MC_OPEN(9E) Driver Entry Points MC_OPEN(9E)

mc_open, mc_close
optional device open and close entry points

#include <sys/mac_provider.h>

prefix_m_open(void *driver);

prefix_m_close(void *driver);

illumos DDI specific

A pointer to the driver's private data that was passed in via the m_pdata member of the mac_register(9S) structure to the mac_register(9F) function.

The mc_open() and mc_close() entry points are called when the file system node corresponding to the device is opened. Standard device drivers do not need to implement this function and should not define the callback.

The GLDv3 guarantees that calls to the mc_open() and mc_close() entry points are serialized. Only one such call will be issued to the device driver at any time.

Upon successful completion, the device driver should return 0 for its mc_open() entry point. Otherwise, it should return a non-zero error number to indicate an error occurred.

mac(9E), mac_register(9F), mac_register(9S)
August 18, 2016 OmniOS