COLOR.4TH(7) Standards, Environments, and Macros COLOR.4TH(7)

color.4thloader color-detection boot module

The file that goes by the name of color.4th is a set of commands designed to simplify color logic. The commands of color.4th by themselves are not enough for most uses. Please refer to the examples below for the most common situations, and to loader(7) for additional commands.

Before using any of the commands provided in color.4th, it must be included through the command:

include color.4th

This line is present in /boot/forth/loader.4th file, so it is not needed (and should not be re-issued) in a normal setup.

The commands provided by it are:

Returns FALSE if the loader_color environment variable is set to “NO” (case-insensitive) or “0”. Otherwise returns TRUE (unless booting serial).

The environment variables that effect its behavior are:

If set to “NO” (case-insensitive) or “0”, causes loader_color? to return FALSE, indicating to many modules that color should not be used.

The loader(7).
color.4th itself.
loader(7) bootstrapping script.

Standard i386 /boot/loader.conf:

Use color where applicable:


loader.conf(5), loader(7), loader.4th(7)

July 20, 2018 OmniOS