CHECK-PASSWORD.4TH(7) Standards, Environments, and Macros CHECK-PASSWORD.4TH(7)

check-password.4thloader password-checking boot module

The file that goes by the name of check-password.4th is a set of commands designed to do one or more of the following:

o Prevent booting without password
o Prevent modification of boot options without password

The commands of check-password.4th by themselves are not enough for most uses. Please refer to the examples below for the most common situations, and to loader(7) for additional commands.

Before using any of the commands provided in check-password.4th, it must be included through the command:

include check-password.4th

This line is present in /boot/forth/loader.4th file, so it is not needed (and should not be re-issued) in a normal setup.

The commands provided by it are:

Multi-purpose function that can protect the interactive boot menu, prevent boot without password (depending on loader.conf(5) settings).

First checks bootlock_password and if-set, the user cannot continue until the correct password is entered.

Last, checks password and if-set, tries to autoboot and only prompts for password on failure or user-interrupt. See loader.conf(5) for additional information.

The environment variables that effect its behavior are:

Sets the bootlock password (up to 16 characters long) that is required by check-password to be entered before the system is allowed to boot.
Sets the password (up to 16 characters long) that is required by check-password before the user is allowed to visit the boot menu.

The loader(7).
check-password.4th itself.
loader(7) bootstrapping script.

Standard i386 /boot/loader.rc:

include /boot/forth/loader.4th

Set a password in loader.conf(5) to prevent modification of boot options:


Set a password in loader.conf(5) to prevent booting without password:


loader.conf(5), loader(7), loader.4th(7)

July 20, 2018 OmniOS