MPAPI.CONF(5) File Formats and Configurations MPAPI.CONF(5)

mpapi.conf - configuration file for libMPAPI


The /etc/mpapi.conf file is used to specify the vendor-provided plugin library that is installed on the system. This file is used by the libMPAPI(3LIB) common library to load the individual plugin library when its interface is called. If changes are made to the file while the library is in use, the library should be unloaded and reloaded. Addition and removal of the plugin library should be handled through MP_RegisterPlugin(3MPAPI) and MP_DeregisterPlugin(3MPAPI).

Each plugin library entry is a single line of the form:

"id"        "library file name"



The identification of the library. It is the reversed domain name of the vendor followed by . followed by the vendor specific name of the plugin that uniquely identifies the plugin library.

library file name

The absolute path to the shared object library file.

Example 1 Example of an /etc/mpapi.conf file

# This file contains names and references to MP API plugin libraries
#  Do NOT manually edit this file
# Format:
# <library ID>  <library file name>
com.sun.mpapi32         /lib/
com.sun.mpapi64         /lib/64/

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Standard: ANSI INCITS 412 Multipath Management API

libMPAPI(3LIB), MP_DeregisterPlugin(3MPAPI), MP_RegisterPlugin(3MPAPI), attributes(7)

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