MP_REGISTERPLUGIN(3MPAPI) Common Multipath Management Library Functions MP_REGISTERPLUGIN(3MPAPI)

MP_RegisterPlugin - register a plugin with the common library

cc [ flag... ] file... -lMPAPI [ library... ]
#include <mpapi.h>
MP_STATUS MP_RegisterPlugin(MP_WCHAR *pPluginId,
     MP_CHAR *pFileName);

A pointer to the key name shall be the reversed domain name of the vendor followed by a ".", followed by the vendor-specific name for the plugin that uniquely identifies it.


The full path name of the plugin library.

The MP_RegisterPlugin() function registers a plugin with the common library. The current implementation adds an entry to the /etc/mpapi.conf file.

Unlike some other APIs, this API is implemented entirely in the common library. It must be called before a plugin is invoked by the common library.

This API does not impact dynamically add or change plugins bound to a running library instance. Instead, it causes an application that is currently not using a plugin to access the specified plugin on future calls to the common library. This is generally the behavior expected from dynamically loaded modules.

This API is typically called by a plugin's installation software to inform the common library of the path for the plugin library.

It is not an error to re-register a plugin. However, a plugin has only one registration. The first call to deregister a plugin will deregister it no matter how many calls to register the plugin have been made.

A vendor may register multiple plugins by using separate plugin IDs and filenames.


The pFileName does not exist.


The operation is successful.

MPAPI library configuration file

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Standard: ANSI INCITS 412 Multipath Management API
MT-Level Safe

libMPAPI(3LIB), MP_DeregisterPlugin(3MPAPI), mpapi.conf(5), attributes(7)

Multipath Management API Version 1.0

February 15, 2006 OmniOS