SLPCLOSE(3SLP) Service Location Protocol Library Functions SLPCLOSE(3SLP)

SLPClose - close an open SLP handle

cc [ flag... ] file... -lslp [ library... ]
#include <slp.h>
void  SLPClose(SLPHandle phSLP);

The SLPClose() function frees all resources associated with the handle. If the handle is invalid, the function returns silently. Any outstanding synchronous or asynchronous operations are cancelled, so that their callback functions will not be called any further

An SLPHandle handle returned from a call to SPLOpen().

This function or its callback may return any SLP error code. See the ERRORS section in slp_api(3SLP).

Example 1 Using SLPClose()

The following example will free all resources associated the handle:

SLPHandle hslp

When set, use this file for configuration.

slpd(1M), slp_api(3SLP), slp.conf(4), slpd.reg(4), attributes(5)

System Administration Guide: Network Services

Kempf, J. and Guttman, E. RFC 2614, An API for Service Location. The Internet Society. June 1999.

January 16, 2003 OmniOS