PISPROCIDR(3PROC) Process Control Library Functions PISPROCIDR(3PROC)

Pisprocdirdetermine if a directory is the /proc directory

Process Control Library (libproc, -lproc)

#include <libproc.h>

Pisprocdir(struct ps_prochandle *P, const char *dir);

The () function determines whether or not the directory dir is the root of the /proc file-system. This works across loopback file system (lofs) mounts and chroots.

Upon successful completion, the Pisprocdir() function returns if dir is the /proc directory, otherwise if not, it returns .

See in libproc(3LIB).

libproc(3LIB), lofs(4FS), proc(5)

August 27, 2019 OmniOS