ELF_KIND(3ELF) ELF Library Functions ELF_KIND(3ELF)

elf_kind - determine file type

cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lelf [ library ... ]
#include <libelf.h>
Elf_Kind elf_kind(Elf *elf);

This function returns a value identifying the kind of file associated with an ELF descriptor (elf). Defined values are below:


The file is an archive [see ar.h(3HEAD)]. An ELF descriptor may also be associated with an archive member, not the archive itself, and then elf_kind() identifies the member's type.


The file is a COFF object file. elf_begin(3ELF) describes the library's handling for COFF files.


The file is an ELF file. The program may use elf_getident() to determine the class. Other functions, such as elf32_getehdr(), are available to retrieve other file information.


This indicates a kind of file unknown to the library.

Other values are reserved, to be assigned as needed to new kinds of files. elf should be a value previously returned by elf_begin(). A null pointer is allowed, to simplify error handling, and causes elf_kind() to return ELF_K_NONE.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Stable
MT-Level MT-Safe

elf(3ELF), elf32_getehdr(3ELF), elf_begin(3ELF), elf_getident(3ELF), ar.h(3HEAD), libelf(3LIB), attributes(7)

July 11, 2001 OmniOS