USELOCALE(3C) Standard C Library Functions USELOCALE(3C)

uselocale - get and set the locale for an individual thread

#include <locale.h>
locale_t uselocale(locale_t loc);

The uselocale() function is used to obtain and set the current locale for a thread. When a thread is created, it uses the global locale as specified by calls to setlocale().

If (locale_t)0 is supplied for loc, then no change is made to the thread's locale setting. This can be used to query the thread's locale without making any change.

If LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE is supplied for loc, then the thread will use the global locale, undoing the effect of any prior call to establish a thread-specific locale.

Otherwise the thread will use the supplied loc locale object as a thread-specific locale. Changes to the global locale, or to the locale of any other thread, will not affect this thread.

Locale objects for use with uselocale() can be created with the functions duplocale(3C) and newlocale(3C).

Upon successful completion, the uselocale() function always returns the previous locale that was set. If no locale was previously set, the global locale, LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE, is returned. On failure, the uselocale() function returns (locale_t)0, and sets errno to indicate the error.

An invalid locale was encountered or an internal error occurred that caused the system to be unable to update the locale.

Interface Stability Standard
MT-Level MT-Safe

locale(1), duplocale(3C), newlocale(3C), setlocale(3C), locale(7)

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