PRIV_SET(3C) Standard C Library Functions PRIV_SET(3C)

priv_set, priv_ineffect
change privilege sets and check whether privileges are set

#include <priv.h>

priv_set(priv_op_t op, priv_ptype_t which, ...);

priv_ineffect(const char *priv);

priv_set() is a convenient wrapper for the setppriv(2) function. It takes three or more arguments. The operation argument, op, can be one of PRIV_OFF, PRIV_ON or PRIV_SET. The which argument is the name of the privilege set to change, one of PRIV_EFFECTIVE, PRIV_INHERITABLE, PRIV_PERMITTED, PRIV_LIMIT or the special pseudo set PRIV_ALLSETS if the operation should be applied to all privilege sets. Subsequent arguments provide zero or more privilege names, terminated with a NULL pointer. See EXAMPLES.

The specified privileges are converted to a binary privilege set and setppriv(2) is called with the same op and which arguments. When called with PRIV_ALLSETS as the value for the which argument, setppriv(2) is called for each set in turn, aborting on the first failed call.

priv_ineffect() is a convenient wrapper for the getppriv(2) function. The priv argument specifies the name of a privilege, and this function checks for its presence in the effective set.

Upon successful completion, priv_set() return 0. Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

If priv is a valid privilege that is a member of the effective set, priv_ineffect() returns B_TRUE. Otherwise, it returns B_FALSE and sets errno to indicate the error.

Example 1 Using priv_set()
#include <priv.h>
/* Remove basic privileges we don't need */

The priv_set() function will fail if:
The value of op or which is out of range.
Insufficient memory was allocated.
The application attempted to add privileges to PRIV_LIMIT or PRIV_PERMITTED, or the application attempted to add privileges to PRIV_INHERITABLE or PRIV_EFFECTIVE that were not in PRIV_PERMITTED.

The priv_ineffect() function will fail if:

The privilege specified by priv is invalid.
Insufficient memory was allocated.



setppriv(2), priv_str_to_set(3C), attributes(7), privileges(7)
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