USB_DEV_QLF_DESCR(9S) Data Structures for Drivers USB_DEV_QLF_DESCR(9S)

usb_dev_qlf_descr - USB device qualifier descriptor

#include <sys/usb/usba.h>

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI)

The device qualifier descriptor usb_dev_qlf_descr_t defines how fields of a high speed device's device descriptor would look if that device is run at a different speed. If a high-speed device is running currently at full/high speed, fields of this descriptor reflect how device descriptor fields would look if speed was changed to high/full. Please refer to section 9.6.2 of the USB 2.0 specification. The USB 2.0 specification is available at

A device descriptor contains the following fields:

uint8_t     bLength             Size of this descriptor.
uint8_t     bDescriptorType     Set to USB_DESCR_TYPE_DEV_QLF.
uint16_t    bcdUSB              USB specification release

number in binary coded decimal. uint8_t bDeviceClass Device class code.
(See usb_dev_descr(9s).) uint8_t bDeviceSubClass Device subclass code.(See
USB 2.0 specification of
applicable device class for
information.) uint8_t bDeviceProtocol Protocol code.(See
USB 2.0 specification of
applicable device class for
information.) uint8_t bMaxPacketSize0 Maximum packet size of
endpoint 0. uint8_t bNumConfigurations Number of available
configurations. uint8_t bReserved Reserved.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Architecture PCI-based systems
Interface stability Committed

attributes(7), usb_get_alt_if(9F), usb_get_cfg(9F), usb_get_dev_data(9F), usb_get_string_descr(9F), usb_parse_data(9F), usb_cfg_descr(9S), usb_ctrl_request(9S), usb_dev_descr(9S), usb_ep_descr(9S), usb_if_descr(9S), usb_other_speed_cfg_descr(9S), usb_string_descr(9S)

January 5, 2004 OmniOS