MODULE_INFO(9S) Data Structures for Drivers MODULE_INFO(9S)

module_info - STREAMS driver identification and limit value structure

#include <sys/stream.h>

Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI).

When a module or driver is declared, several identification and limit values can be set. These values are stored in the module_info structure.

The module_info structure is intended to be read-only. However, the flow control limits (mi_hiwat and mi_lowat) and the packet size limits (mi_minpsz and mi_maxpsz) are copied to the QUEUE structure, where they can be modified.

For a driver, mi_idname must match the name of the driver binary file. For a module, mi_idname must match the fname field of the fmodsw structure. See fmodsw(9S) for details.

ushort_t      mi_idnum;      /* module ID number */
char          *mi_idname;    /* module name */
ssize_t       mi_minpsz;     /* minimum packet size */
ssize_t       mi_maxpsz;     /* maximum packet size */
size_t        mi_hiwat;      /* high water mark */
size_t        mi_lowat;      /* low water mark */

The constant FMNAMESZ, limiting the length of a module's name, is set to eight in this release.

fmodsw(9S), queue(9S)

STREAMS Programming Guide

November 26, 2002 OmniOS