MODLMISC(9S) Data Structures for Drivers MODLMISC(9S)

modlmisc - linkage structure for loadable miscellaneous modules

#include <sys/modctl.h>

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI).

The modlmisc structure is used by miscellaneous modules to export module specific information to the kernel.

struct mod_ops      *misc_modops;
char                *misc_linkinfo;


Must always be initialized to the address of mod_miscops. This member identifies the module as a loadable miscellaneous module.


Can be any string up to MODMAXNAMELEN characters (including the terminating NULL characters), and is used to describe the module, but can also contain other information (such as a version number).

modload(8), modlinkage(9S)

November 6, 2007 OmniOS