REMOVABLE-MEDIA(9P) Kernel Properties for Drivers REMOVABLE-MEDIA(9P)

removable-media - removable media device property

A device that supports removable media—such as CDROM, JAZZ, and ZIP drives—and that supports power management and expects automatic mounting of the device via the volume manager should export the boolean (zero length) property removable-media. This property enables the system to make the power state of the device dependent on the power state of the frame buffer and monitor. See the power.conf(5) discussion of the device-dependency-property entry for more information.

Devices that behave like removable devices (such as PC ATA cards, where the controller and media both are removed at the same time) should also export this property.

Example 1 removable-media Entry

An example of a removable-media entry from the .conf file of a driver is shown below.

# This entry keeps removable media from being powered down unless
# the console framebuffer and monitor are powered down

Example 2 Implementation in attach()

Below is an example of how the entry above would be implemented in the attach(9E) function of the driver.

xxattach(dev_info_t *dip, ddi_attach_cmd_t cmd)

if (ddi_prop_create(DDI_DEV_T_NONE, dip, DDI_PROP_CANSLEEP,
"removable-media", NULL, 0)) != DDI_PROP_SUCCESS)
goto failed;

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface stability Committed

pm(4D), power.conf(5), attach(9E), detach(9E), ddi_prop_create(9F)

Writing Device Drivers

June 15, 2001 OmniOS