USB_PIPE_SET_PRIVATE(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers USB_PIPE_SET_PRIVATE(9F)

usb_pipe_set_private, usb_pipe_get_private - USB user-defined pipe data-field facility

#include <sys/usb/usba.h>
int usb_pipe_set_private(usb_pipe_handle_t pipe_handle, usb_opaque_t data);

usb_opaque_t usb_pipe_get_private (usb_pipe_handle_t pipe_handle);

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI)

For usb_pipe_set_private():


Pipe handle into which user-defined data is placed.


Data to store in the pipe handle.

For usb_pipe_get_private():


Pipe handle from which user-defined data is retrieved.

The usb_set_driver_private() function initializes the user-private data field of the pipe referred to by pipe_handle, using data. The user-private data field is used to store any data the client desires and is not used in any way by the USBA or OS framework. Client drivers often store their soft-state here for convenient retrieval by their callback handlers.

The usb_get_driver_private() function retrieves the user-private data stored via usb_set_driver_private(), from the pipe referred to by pipe_handle.

For usb_pipe_set_private():


Private data has been successfully stored in pipe handle.


pipe_handle argument is NULL or invalid.

Pipe is closing or closed.


The pipe_handle argument refers to the default control pipe.

For usb_pipe_get_private():

On success: usb_opaque_t pointer to data being retrieved.

On failure: NULL. Fails if pipe handle is NULL or invalid. Fails if pipe handle is to a pipe which is closing or closed.

May be called from user, kernel or interrupt context.

    usb_pipe_handle_t pipe;
    /* Some driver defined datatype. */
    xxx_data_t *data = kmem_zalloc(...);
    usb_pipe_set_private(pipe, data);
    xxx_data_t *xxx_data_ptr = (xxx_data_t *)usb_pipe_get_private(pipe);

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Architecture PCI-based systems
Interface stability Committed

attributes(7), usb_alloc_request(9F), usb_pipe_xopen(9F)
September 16, 2016 OmniOS