PRIV_GETBYNAME(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers PRIV_GETBYNAME(9F)

priv_getbyname - map a privilege name to a number

#include <sys/cred.h>
int priv_getbyname(const char  *priv, int flags);

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI).

name of the privilege


flags, must be zero or PRIV_ALLOC

The priv_getbyname() function maps a privilege name to a privilege number for use with the priv_*() kernel interfaces.

If PRIV_ALLOC is passed as a flag parameter, an attempt is made to allocate a privilege if it is not yet defined. The newly allocated privilege number is returned.

Privilege names can be specified with an optional priv_ prefix, which is stripped.

Privilege names are case insensitive but allocated privileges preserve case.

Allocated privileges can be at most {PRIVNAME_MAX} characters long and can contain only alphanumeric characters and the underscore character.

This function returns the privilege number, which is greater than or equal to 0, if it succeeds. It returns a negative error number if an error occurs.

This might be caused by any of the following
The flags parameter is invalid.
The specified privilege does not exist.
The priv parameter contains invalid characters.


There is no room to allocate another privilege.


An attempt was made to allocate a privilege that was longer than {PRIVNAME_MAX} characters.

This functions can be called from user and kernel contexts.

See attributes(7) for a description of the following attributes:

Architecture All
Interface Stability Committed

attributes(7), privileges(7)

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March 11, 2004 OmniOS