NOCHPOLL(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers NOCHPOLL(9F)

nochpoll - error return function for non-pollable devices

#include <sys/ddi.h>
#include <sys/sunddi.h>
int nochpoll(dev_t dev, short events, int anyyet, short *reventsp,
      struct pollhead **pollhdrp);

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI).

Device number.


Event flags.


Check current events only.


Event flag pointer.


Poll head pointer.

The nochpoll() function is a routine that simply returns the value ENXIO. It is intended to be used in the cb_ops(9S) structure of a device driver for devices that do not support the poll(2) system call.

The nochpoll() function returns ENXIO.

The nochpoll() function can be called from user, interrupt, or kernel context.

poll(2), chpoll(9E), cb_ops(9S)

Writing Device Drivers

January 16, 2006 OmniOS