LDI_EV_GET_COOKIE(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers LDI_EV_GET_COOKIE(9F)

ldi_ev_get_cookie - get an LDI event cookie for a specified event

#include <sys/sunldi.h>
int ldi_ev_get_cookie(ldi_handle_t lh, char *evname,
     ldi_ev_cookie_t *cookiep);

illumos DDI specific (illumos DDI)

ldi_handle_t lh

A layered handle representing the device for which the event notification was requested.

char *evname

The string name of the event.

ldi_ev_cookie_t *cookiep

A pointer to type ldi_ev_cookie_t. Contains a pointer to the event cookie on return.

The ldi_ev_get_cookie() function accepts the string name of a state change event affecting the device represented by the layered driver handle "lh" and returns an opaque cookie on success. The call is successful if the framework supports event notification for the event named by "evname". If successful, the function returns an opaque cookie through the "cookiep" parameter. The cookie is required in subsequent calls for registering callbacks on events.

The following two LDI events are currently defined:


The device is moving to the offline state.


The device is moving to the degraded state.

ldi_ev_get_cookie() also accepts the string name of any events defined for NDI event services. For such events, ldi_ev_get_cookie() replaces ldi_get_eventcookie(9F) (which is now obsolete).

The return values for this function are:


The event cookie was created successfully.


An error occurred and the cookie was not created.

This function can be called from user and kernel contexts only.

ldi_ev_register_callbacks(9F), ldi_ev_remove_callbacks(9F)
August 21, 2007 OmniOS