CSX_PARSE_CISTPL_VERS_2(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers CSX_PARSE_CISTPL_VERS_2(9F)

csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_2 - parse Level-2 Version and Information tuple

#include <sys/pccard.h>
int32_t csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_2(client_handle_t ch, tuple_t *tu,
     cistpl_vers_2_t *cv2);

illumos DDI Specific (illumos DDI)

Client handle returned from csx_RegisterClient(9F).


Pointer to a tuple_t structure (see tuple(9S)) returned by a call to csx_GetFirstTuple(9F) or csx_GetNextTuple(9F).


Pointer to a cistpl_vers_2_t structure which contains the parsed CISTPL_VERS_2 tuple information upon return from this function.

This function parses the Level-2 Version and Information tuple, CISTPL_VERS_2, into a form usable by PC Card drivers.

The CISTPL_VERS_2 tuple is used to describe the card Level-2 information which has the logical organization of the card's data.

The structure members of cistpl_vers_2_t are:

uint32_t   vers;     /* version number */
uint32_t   comply;   /* level of compliance */
uint32_t   dindex;   /* byte address of first data byte in card */
uint32_t   vspec8;   /* vendor specific (byte 8) */
uint32_t   vspec9;   /* vendor specific (byte 9) */
uint32_t   nhdr;     /* number of copies of CIS present on device */
char       oem[CIS_MAX_TUPLE_DATA_LEN];
                     /* Vendor of software that formatted card */
char       info[CIS_MAX_TUPLE_DATA_LEN];
                     /* Informational message about card */

Successful operation.


Client handle is invalid.


Parser does not know how to parse tuple.


No PC Card in socket.


No Card Information Structure (CIS) on PC Card.


No PCMCIA hardware installed.

This function may be called from user or kernel context.

csx_GetFirstTuple(9F), csx_GetTupleData(9F), csx_RegisterClient(9F), csx_ValidateCIS(9F), tuple(9S)

PC Card 95 Standard, PCMCIA/JEIDA

December 20, 1996 OmniOS