CSX_CONVERTSIZE(9F) Kernel Functions for Drivers CSX_CONVERTSIZE(9F)

csx_ConvertSize - convert device sizes

#include <sys/pccard.h>
int32_t csx_ConvertSize(convert_size_t *cs);

illumos DDI Specific (illumos DDI)

Pointer to a convert_size_t structure.

csx_ConvertSize() is an illumos-specific extension that provides a method for clients to convert from one type of device size representation to another, that is, from devsize format to bytes and vice versa.

The structure members of convert_size_t are:

uint32_t    Attributes;
uint32_t    bytes;
uint32_t    devsize;

The fields are defined as follows:


This is a bit-mapped field that identifies the type of size conversion to be performed. The field is defined as follows:


Converts bytes to devsize format.


Converts devsize format to bytes.


If CONVERT_BYTES_TO_DEVSIZE is set, the value in the bytes field is converted to a devsize format and returned in the devsize field.


If CONVERT_DEVSIZE_TO_BYTES is set, the value in the devsize field is converted to a bytes value and returned in the bytes field.

Successful operation.


Invalid bytes or devsize.


No PCMCIA hardware installed.

This function may be called from user or kernel context.

csx_ModifyWindow(9F), csx_RequestWindow(9F)

PCCard 95 Standard, PCMCIA/JEIDA

July 19, 1996 OmniOS