HALD(8) Maintenance Commands and Procedures HALD(8)

hald - daemon that supports hardware abstraction layer

/usr/lib/hal/hald  [--daemon={yes | no}]] [--help] [--use-syslog]
 [--verbose={yes | no}] [--version]

The hald daemon supports the recognition of hardware changes for devices that conform to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) specification.

The enabling and disabling of hald can be performed through the service management facility (SMF) (see smf(7)). hald is managed using the fault management resource identifier (FMRI) svc:/system/hal. Options can be specified as SMF properties. See EXAMPLES.

The following options are supported:


Run as a daemon.


Display usage information and exit.


Display debug messages to syslog instead of stderr. Use this option to record debug messages if HAL runs as daemon.


Display debug information.


Display version information and exit.

Example 1 Specifying a Property

The following svccfg(8) command specifies the --verbose option.

example# svccfg
svc:> select hal
svc:/system/hal> listprop hal/*
hal/verbose          boolean  false
hal/use_syslog       boolean  false
svc:/system/hal> setprop hal/verbose=true
svc:/system/hal> exit

HAL-related files


Device information files

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Volatile

attributes(7), hal(7), smf(7), svccfg(8)

July 2, 2008 OmniOS