MENU.LST(5) File Formats and Configurations MENU.LST(5)

menu.lstList of entries for boot menu



This file contains the list of menu entries for use by boot loader. The location is either root dataset of boot zfs pool or /boot directory of root file system. menu.lst is created automatically by beadm(8), and can be managed by bootadm(8).

Each menu entry in menu.lst consists of two lines:

type data

Where first line will set name for the menu entry and second line will declare the type and type specific data for boot menu entry.

Currently accepted types are:

to specify the name or location of the boot file system.
to specify device or file to be used with loader(7) chain command.

The boot file system name could be either the name of zfs dataset or the device name in case of ufs(4fs), pcfs(4fs), or other currently supported disk based file system.

Device name for chain command must use the form

diskN[pX]: or diskN[sXpY]:

See output of loader lsdev -v command for available device names.



A sample menu.lst file.

title Disk1:
chain disk1:
title Disk2_UFS
bootfs disk2s1a:
title openindiana-2023:01:03
bootfs rpool/ROOT/openindiana-2023:01:03

pcfs(4fs), ufs(4fs), loader(7), beadm(8), bootadm(8)

March 30, 2023 OmniOS