INIT(5) File Formats and Configurations INIT(5)

init, TIMEZONEset default system time zone and locale



This file sets the time zone environment variable TZ, and the locale-related environment variables LANG, LC_COLLATE, LC_CTYPE, LC_MESSAGES, LC_MONETARY, LC_NUMERIC and LC_TIME.

It can also be used to set any additional environment variables which should be present in all processes started by init(8) or svc.startd(8), and in any zoneadmd(8) daemons started automatically to support zone operations.

The format of the file is a set of tokens of the form:


where VAR is an environment variable and value is the value assigned to the variable. value can be enclosed in double quotes (") or single quotes ('), however, these quotes cannot be part of the value. Neither VAR nor value may contain whitespace. Multiple VAR=value pairs can occur on the same line, separated by whitespace or a semicolon (;), but, for compatibility with existing software, the TZ variable appear on its own line with no leading whitespace. Comments are supported; each comment must be on its own line and begin with a hash (#) character.

If the CMASK variable is specified, it is not passed to the environment but the value is used to set the initial umask that init(8) uses and that every other process inherits. The CMASK value is specified in octal and must be between 000 and 077 to be accepted; the value is silently ignored otherwise. If the value is missing or cannot be parsed as an octal number, then a value of 0 is assumed. A sequence of valid octal digits followed by other trailing characters will be treated as if the trailing characters were not present.

For init(8), the number of environment variables that can be set is limited to 20.

/etc/TIMEZONE is a symbolic link to /etc/default/init. This link exists for compatibility with legacy software, is obsolete, and may be removed in a future release.

ctime(3C), environ(7), init(8), rtc(8), svc.startd(8), zoneadmd(8)

When changing the TZ setting on x86 systems, you must make a corresponding change to the /etc/rtc_config file to account for the new timezone setting. This can be accomplished by executing the following commands, followed by a reboot, to make the changes take effect:

# rtc -z zone-name
# rtc -c

where zone-name is the same name as the TZ variable setting.

See rtc(8) for more information.

November 7, 2021 OmniOS