idnalias.conf(5) File Formats and Configurations idnalias.conf(5)

idnalias.conf - encoding alias file for idnkit


The idnalias.conf file defines aliases of encoding names. It is located on /etc/idnalias.conf and always loaded automatically as idn2.conf and .idn2rc.

When the idnkit library encodes or decodes an internationalized domain name, it converts the domain name between a local encoding (e.g. ISO8859-1) and Unicode using iconv(). At run time, the idnkit library guesses the local encoding from locale information to do the conversions, but iconv() may not know the encoding name taken from locale information. Using idnalias.conf, you can avoid the trouble.

The aliases in this file can be used just as the real names. The alias file is a simple text file, consisting of lines (other than comment lines, which begin with ``#'', and empty lines) of the form:

alias-name real-name

where alias-name is an alias name to be defined, and real-name is its real name or another alias name. ``*'' in alias-name has special meaning. It matches any string, including an empty string.

The following shows a sample idnalias.conf file.

# idnalias.conf sample.
*.ISO_8859-1    ISO-8859-1
*.ISO_8859-2    ISO-8859-2
*.SJIS          Shift_JIS
*.Shift_JIS     Shift_JIS
ja_JP.EUC       EUC-JP
ko_KR.EUC       EUC-KR
*.big5          Big5
*.Big5          Big5
*.KOI8-R        KOI8-R
*.GB2312        GB2312
ja              EUC-JP
japanese        EUC-JP


idncheck(1), idncmp(1), idnconv2(1), iconv(3), idn_setlocalencoding(3), idn2.conf(5), idnlang.conf(5)

September 21, 2012 OmniOS