DLCOSMK(4IPP) IP Quality of Service Modules DLCOSMK(4IPP)

dlcosmk - Data Layer Class of Service Marker

The dlcosmk marker is an action module that is executed as a result of classifying or metering packets. It marks the packet with a user priority defined by the IEEE 801.D standard. This feature is only possible on a VLAN device.

The 3-bit user priority is part of the 802.1Q VLAN header tag that is part of the ethernet header (carrying the IP packet).

The dlcosmk module exports the following statistics through kstat:

Global statistics:

module: dlcosmk                          instance: <action id>

name: dlcosmk statistics class <action name>
b_band <b_band value>
dl_max <dl_max value>
usr_pri <configured CoS>
npackets <number of packets>
epackets <number of packets in error>
ipackets <number of packets not processed>


64-bit module (SPARC only.)

dscpmk(4IPP), flowacct(4IPP), ipgpc(4IPP), ipqos(4IPP), tokenmt(4IPP), tswtclmt(4IPP), ipqosconf(8)

September 29, 2004 OmniOS