OBJFS(4FS) File Systems OBJFS(4FS)

Kernel object filesystem

The objfs filesystem describes the state of all modules currently loaded by the kernel. It is mounted during boot at /system/object.

The contents of the filesystem are dynamic and reflect the current state of the system. Each module is represented by a directory containing a single file, ‘object'’. The object file is a read only ELF file which contains information about the object loaded in the kernel.

The kernel may load and unload modules dynamically as the system runs. As a result, applications may observe different directory contents in /system/object if they repeatedly rescan the directory. If a module is unloaded, its associated /system/object files disappear from the hierarchy and subsequent attempts to open them, or to read files opened before the module unloaded, elicits an error.

This file system is generally not present in a non-global zone.

Mount point for objfs file system in the global zone.



The content of the ELF files is private to the implementation and subject to change without notice.
November 29, 2021 OmniOS