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usb_as - USB audio streaming driver


The usb_as driver is a USBA (Solaris USB Architecture) compliant client driver that supports the USB Audio Class 1.0 specification.

The usb_as driver processes audio data messages during play and record and sets sample frequency, precision, encoding and other functions on request from the USB audio control driver. See usb_ac(4D).

This driver is plumbed under the USB audio control driver and does not directly interface with the user application.

32-bit x86 ELF kernel module


64-bit x86 ELF kernel module


64-bit SPARC ELF kernel module

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Architecture SPARC, x86, PCI-based systems
Stability level Committed

usb_ac(4D), usba(4D), audio(4I), attributes(7)

Writing Device Drivers

Universal Serial Bus Specification 1.0 and 1.1

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

In addition to being logged, the following messages can appear on the system console. All messages are formatted in the following manner:

Warning: <device path> (usb_as<instance num>): Error Message...

where <device path> is the physical path to the device in /devices directory.

No bandwidth available.

There is no bandwidth available for the isochronous pipe. As a result, no data is transferred during play and record.

Operating a full/high speed audio device on a high speed port is not supported.

The USB software does not currently support full or high speed audio devices connected to an external USB 2.0 hub that is linked to a port of a USB 2.0 host controller. Audio devices must be connected directly to a port of a USB 2.0 controller or to any USB 1.1 port.

Cannot access device. Please reconnect <name>.

There was an error in accessing the device during reconnect. Please reconnect the device.

Device is not identical to the previous one on this port. Please disconnect and reconnect.

A USB audio streaming interface was hot-removed while open. A new device was hot-inserted which is not identical to the original USB audio device. Please disconnect the USB device and reconnect the device to the same port.

The USB audio streaming interface is power managed if the device is idle.

May 15, 2009 OmniOS