SI3124(4D) Devices SI3124(4D)

si3124 - SiliconImage 3124/3132/3531 SATA controller driver


The si3124 driver is a SATA framework-compliant HBA driver that supports Silicon Image 3124, 3132 and 3531 SATA controllers. Note that while the Silicon Image controllers supports standard SATA features including SATA-II disks, NCQ, hotplug, port multiplier and ATAPI disks, the si3124 driver currently does not support NCQ, port multiplier or ATAPI features.

There are no tunable parameters in the si3124.conf file.

32-bit ELF kernel module (x86).


64-bit ELF kernel module. (x86).

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Architecture x86

nv_sata(4D), sata(4D), attributes(7), cfgadm(8), cfgadm_sata(8), prtconf(8)

Writing Device Drivers

August 17, 2007 OmniOS