curs_extend(3X) Miscellaneous Library Functions curs_extend(3X)

curses_version, use_extended_names - miscellaneous curses extensions

#include <ncurses/curses.h>

const char * curses_version(void);
int use_extended_names(bool enable);

These functions are extensions to the curses library which do not fit easily into other categories.

Use curses_version to get the version number, including patch level of the library, prefixed by “ncurses”, e.g.,

ncurses 5.0.19991023

The use_extended_names function controls whether the calling application is able to use user-defined or nonstandard names which may be compiled into the terminfo description, i.e., via the terminfo or termcap interfaces. Normally these names are available for use, since the essential decision is made by using the -x option of gtic to compile extended terminal definitions. However you can disable this feature to ensure compatibility with other implementations of curses.

curses_version returns a pointer to static memory; you should not free this in your application.

use_extended_names returns the previous state, allowing you to save this and restore it.

These routines are specific to ncurses. They were not supported on Version 7, BSD or System V implementations. It is recommended that any code depending on them be conditioned using NCURSES_VERSION.

curs_getch(3X), curs_mouse(3X), curs_print(3X), curs_util(3X), default_colors(3X), define_key(3X), keybound(3X), keyok(3X), resizeterm(3X), wresize(3X).

Thomas Dickey.