SLPGETPROPERTY(3SLP) Service Location Protocol Library Functions SLPGETPROPERTY(3SLP)

SLPGetProperty - return SLP configuration property

cc [ flag... ] file... -lslp [ library... ]
#include <slp.h>
const char* SLPGetProperty(const char* pcName);

The SLPGetProperty() function returns the value of the corresponding SLP property name, or NULL, if none. If there is no error, SLPGetProperty() returns a pointer to the property value. If the property was not set, it returns the empty string, "". If an error occurs, SLPGetProperty() returns NULL. The returned string should not be freed.

A null-terminated string with the property name. pcName cannot be NULL.

This function or its callback may return any SLP error code. See the ERRORS section in slp_api(3SLP).

Example 1 Using SLPGetProperty()

Use the following example to return a list of configured scopes:

const char* useScopes
useScopes = SLPGetProperty("net.slp.useScopes");

When set, use this file for configuration.

slpd(1M), slp_api(3SLP), slp.conf(4), slpd.reg(4), attributes(5)

System Administration Guide: Network Services

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January 16, 2003 OmniOS