SASL_CLIENT_INIT(3SASL) Simple Authentication Security Layer Library Functions SASL_CLIENT_INIT(3SASL)

sasl_client_init - initialize SASL client authentication

cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lsasl   [ library ... ]
#include <sasl/sasl.h>
int sasl_client_init(const sasl_callback_t *callbacks);

Use the sasl_client_init() interface to initialize SASL. The sasl_client_init() interface must be called before any calls to sasl_client_start(3SASL). The call to sasl_client_init() initiallizes all SASL client drivers, for example, authentication mechanisms. SASL client drivers are usually found in the /usr/lib/sasl directory.


Specifies the base callbacks for all client connections.

sasl_client_init() returns an integer that corresponds to a SASL error code.


The call to sasl_client_init() was successful.


There is a mismatch in the mechanism version.


There is an error in the configuration file.


There is not enough memory to complete the operation.

All other error codes indicate an error situation that must be handled, or the authentication session should be quit. See sasl_errors(3SASL) for information on SASL error codes.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Evolving
MT-Level Unsafe

sasl_errors(3SASL), attributes(7)

While most of libsasl is MT-Safe, no other libsasl function should be called until this function completes.

October 22, 2003 OmniOS