RSM_MEMSEG_GET_POLLFD(3RSM) Remote Shared Memory Library Functions RSM_MEMSEG_GET_POLLFD(3RSM)

rsm_memseg_get_pollfd, rsm_memseg_release_pollfd - get or release a poll descriptor

cc [ flag... ] file... -lrsm [ library... ]
#include <rsmapi.h>
int rsm_memseg_get_pollfd(void *memseg, struct pollfd *fd);

int rsm_memseg_release_pollfd(void *memseg);

The rsm_memseg_get_pollfd() and rsm_memseg_release_pollfd() functions provide an alternative to rsm_intr_signal_wait(3RSM). The waiting process can multiplex event waiting using the poll(2) function after first obtaining a poll descriptor using rsm_memseg_get_pollfd(). The descriptor can subsequently be released using rsm_memseg_release_pollfd().

As a result of a call rsm_memseg_get_pollfd(), the specified pollfd structure is initialized with a descriptor for the specified segment (memseg) and the event generated by rsm_intr_signal_post(3RSM). Either an export segment handle or an import segment handle can be type cast to a void pointer. The pollfd argument can subsequently be used with the rsm_intr_signal_wait_pollfd(3RSM) function to wait for the event; it cannot be used with poll(). If memseg references an export segment, the segment must be currently published. If memseg references an import segment, the segment must be connected.

The rsm_memseg_reslease_pollfd() function decrements the reference count of the pollfd structure associated with the specified segment. A segment unpublish, destroy or unmap operation will fail if the reference count is non-zero.

Upon successful completion, these functions return 0. Otherwise, an error value is returned to indicate the error.

The rsm_memseg_get_pollfd() and rsm_memseg_release_pollfd() function can return the following error:


Invalid segment handle.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Evolving
MT-Level MT-Safe

poll(2), rsm_intr_signal_post(3RSM), rsm_intr_signal_wait_pollfd(3RSM), attributes(7)

December 1, 2002 OmniOS