proc_fdinfowalkwalk the additional miscellaneous information in a prfdinfo_t structure

Process Control Library (libproc, -lproc)

#include <libproc.h>

proc_fdinfowalk(const prfdinfo_t *info, proc_fdinfowalk_f *func, void *arg);

The () function walks a prfdinfo_t structure and calls the callback function func once for each miscellaneous item of information present, along with the user-specified arg. The definition of is available in libproc(3LIB). The miscellaneous data types and structures are found in the fdinfo section of proc(5).

func will be called once for each miscellaneous item, providing the item's type, size and address. The size may include trailing padding bytes which will be set to zero.

The return value of the caller's func function determines whether or not iteration will continue. If func returns a non-zero value, then iteration will terminate and that return value will be returned to the caller. To distinguish between system errors and caller errors, it is recommended that the function only return positive integers in the event of an error.

Upon successful completion, the proc_fdinfowalk() function returns . Otherwise, is returned and is updated to reflect the error that occurred.

In addition to the errors listed below, the proc_fdinfowalk() function may fail for the same reasons as the opendir(3C), readdir(3C), and malloc(3C) functions.

malloc(3C), opendir(3C), readdir(3C), libproc(3LIB), proc(5)

November 27, 2023 OmniOS