PCRED(3PROC) Process Control Library Functions PCRED(3PROC)

Pcredobtain process credentials

Process Control Library (libproc, -lproc)

#include <libproc.h>

Pcred(struct ps_prochandle *P, prcred_t *pcrp, int ngroups);

The () function obtains the credentials of the process from the handle P.

The credentials are read into the buffer pointed to by pcrp. The prcred_t type is defined in proc(5). It contains information about the current effective, saved, and real user and group IDs. It also allows for supplemental groups to be obtained. The () function will read a number of supplemental groups based on the value of ngroups. The prcred_t structure only contains the space for one supplemental group by default. Callers should ensure that the buffer pointed to by pcrp contains enough space to include all of the required supplemental groups that are desired.

Not all process handles have credential information available to them. For example, the handles that come from Pgrab_file(3PROC) have no processes associated with them and thus have no credentials associated with them.

Upon successful completion, the Pcred() function returns and updates the memory at pcrp with the credentials. Otherwise, is returned to indicate an error.

See in libproc(3LIB).

libproc(3LIB), Psetcred(3PROC), proc(5)

May 11, 2016 OmniOS