LPROCHANDLE(3PROC) Process Control Library Functions LPROCHANDLE(3PROC)

Lprochandleget process control handle from thread control handle

Process Control Library (libproc, -lproc)

#include <libproc.h>

struct ps_prochandle *
Lprochandle(struct ps_lwphandle *L);

The () function returns the process handle to which the thread handle L belongs. This process handle may be used with other libproc(3LIB) functions just as if Pgrab(3PROC) was called. The returned handle is valid even if Lfree(3PROC) is called on L.

Upon successful completion, the Lprochandle() function returns a pointer to process handle.

See in libproc(3LIB).

libproc(3LIB), Lfree(3PROC), Pgrab(3PROC), Prelease(3PROC)

November 27, 2023 OmniOS