RPC_GSS_SET_SVC_NAME(3NSL) Networking Services Library Functions RPC_GSS_SET_SVC_NAME(3NSL)

rpc_gss_set_svc_name - send a principal name to a server

#include <rpc/rpcsec_gss.h>
bool_t rpc_gss_set_svc_name(char *principal, char *mechanism,

u_int req_time,u_int program, u_int version);

rpc_gss_set_svc_name() sets the name of a principal the server is to represent. If a server is going to act as more than one principal, this procedure can be invoked for every such principal.

Information on RPCSEC_GSS data types for parameters may be found on the rpcsec_gss(3NSL) man page.


An ASCII string representing the server's principal name, given in the form of service@host.


An ASCII string representing the security mechanism in use. Valid strings may be found in the /etc/gss/mech file, or by using rpc_gss_get_mechanisms().


The time, in seconds, for which a credential should be valid. Note that the req_time is a hint to the underlying mechanism. The actual time that the credential will remain valid is mechanism dependent. In the case of kerberos the actual time will be GSS_C_INDEFINITE.


The RPC program number for this service.


The RPC version number for this service.

rpc_gss_set_svc_name() returns TRUE if it is successful; otherwise, use rpc_gss_get_error() to get the error associated with the failure.


File containing valid security mechanisms

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

MT-Level MT-Safe

rpc(3NSL), rpc_gss_get_mechanisms(3NSL), rpc_gss_get_principal_name(3NSL), rpcsec_gss(3NSL), mech(5), attributes(7)

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