RPC_GSS_MECH_TO_OID(3NSL) Networking Services Library Functions RPC_GSS_MECH_TO_OID(3NSL)

rpc_gss_mech_to_oid, rpc_gss_qop_to_num - map mechanism, QOP strings to non-string values

#include <rpc/rpcsec_gss.h>
bool_t rpc_gss_mech_to_oid(charc*mech, rpc_gss_OIDc*oid);

bool_t rpc_gss_qop_to_num(char *qop, char *mech, u_int *num);

Because in-kernel RPC routines use non-string values for mechanism and Quality of Protection (QOP), these routines exist to map strings for these attributes to their non-string counterparts. (The non-string values for QOP and mechanism are also found in the /etc/gss/qop and /etc/gss/mech files, respectively.) rpc_gss_mech_to_oid() takes a string representing a mechanism, as well as a pointer to a rpc_gss_OID object identifier structure. It then gives this structure values corresponding to the indicated mechanism, so that the application can now use the OID directly with RPC routines. rpc_gss_qop_to_num() does much the same thing, taking strings for QOP and mechanism and returning a number.

Information on RPCSEC_GSS data types for parameters may be found on the rpcsec_gss(3NSL) man page.


An ASCII string representing the security mechanism in use. Valid strings may be found in the /etc/gss/mech file.


An object identifier of type rpc_gss_OID, whose elements are usable by kernel-level RPC routines.


This is an ASCII string which sets the quality of protection (QOP) for the session. Appropriate values for this string may be found in the file /etc/gss/qop.


The non-string value for the QOP.

Both functions return TRUE if they are successful, FALSE otherwise.


File containing valid security mechanisms


File containing valid QOP values

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

MT-Level MT-Safe

rpc(3NSL), rpc_gss_get_error(3NSL), rpc_gss_get_mechanisms(3NSL), rpcsec_gss(3NSL), mech(5), qop(5), attributes(7)

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