RPC_GSS_GET_ERROR(3NSL) Networking Services Library Functions RPC_GSS_GET_ERROR(3NSL)

rpc_gss_get_error - get error codes on failure

#include <rpc/rpcsec_gss.h>
bool_t rpc_gss_get_error(rpc_gss_error_t*error);

rpc_gss_get_error() fetches an error code when an RPCSEC_GSS routine fails.

rpc_gss_get_error() uses a rpc_gss_error_t structure of the following form:

typedef struct {
int	rpc_gss_error;		RPCSEC_GSS error	
int	system_error;		system error
} rpc_gss_error_t;

Currently the only error codes defined for this function are

#define RPC_GSS_ER_SUCCESS		0	/* no error */
#define RPC_GSS_ER_SYSTEMERROR	1	/* system error */

Information on RPCSEC_GSS data types for parameters may be found on the rpcsec_gss(3NSL) man page.


A rpc_gss_error_t structure. If the rpc_gss_error field is equal to RPC_GSS_ER_SYSTEMERROR, the system_error field will be set to the value of errno.

Unless there is a failure indication from an invoked RPCSEC_GSS function, rpc_gss_get_error() does not set error to a meaningful value.

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

MT-Level MT-Safe

perror(3C), rpc(3NSL), rpcsec_gss(3NSL), attributes(7)

ONC+ Developer's Guide

Linn, J. RFC 2078, Generic Security Service Application Program Interface, Version 2. Network Working Group. January 1997.

February 5, 2002 OmniOS