LIBW(3LIB) Interface Libraries LIBW(3LIB)

libw - wide character library

cc [ flag... ] file...  [ library... ]
#include <wchar.h>

Historically, functions in this library provided wide character translations. This functionality now resides in libc(3LIB).

This library is maintained to provide backward compatibility for both runtime and compilation environments. The shared object is implemented as a filter on New application development need not specify -lw.

The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See Intro(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces.

fgetwc fgetws fputwc
fputws getwc getwchar
getws isenglish isideogram
isnumber isphonogram isspecial
iswalnum iswalpha iswcntrl
iswctype iswdigit iswgraph
iswlower iswprint iswpunct
iswspace iswupper iswxdigit
putwc putwchar putws
strtows towlower towupper
ungetwc watoll wcscat
wcschr wcscmp wcscoll
wcscpy wcscspn wcsftime
wcslen wcsncat wcsncmp
wcsncpy wcspbrk wcsrchr
wcsspn wcstod wcstok
wcstol wcstoul wcswcs
wcswidth wcsxfrm wctype
wcwidth wscasecmp wscat
wschr wscmp wscol
wscoll wscpy wscspn
wsdup wslen wsncasecmp
wsncat wsncmp wsncpy
wspbrk wsprintf wsrchr
wsscanf wsspn wstod
wstok wstol wstoll
wstostr wsxfrm

a filter on


a filter on 64/

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

MT-Level Safe

pvs(1), Intro(3), libc(3LIB), attributes(7)

March 24, 2004 OmniOS