LIBSEC(3LIB) Interface Libraries LIBSEC(3LIB)

libsec - File Access Control List library

cc [ flag... ] file... -lsec [ library... ]
#include <sys/acl.h>

Functions in this library provide comparison and manipulation of File Access Control Lists.

The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See Intro(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces.

acl_check acl_free
acl_fromtext acl_get
acl_set acl_strip
acl_totext acl_trivial
aclcheck aclfrommode
aclfromtext aclsort
acltomode acltotext
facl_get facl_set

shared object


64-bit shared object

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

MT-Level Unsafe

pvs(1), Intro(3), attributes(7)

October 6, 2005 OmniOS