LIBKVM(3LIB) Interface Libraries LIBKVM(3LIB)

libkvm - Kernel Virtual Memory access library

cc [ flag... ] file... -lkvm [ library ... ]
#include <kvm.h>

Functions in this library provide application access to kernel symbols, addresses and values. The individual functions are documented in Section 3KVM of the reference manual.

The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See Intro(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces.

kvm_close kvm_getcmd
kvm_getproc kvm_getu
kvm_kread kvm_kwrite
kvm_nextproc kvm_nlist
kvm_open kvm_read
kvm_setproc kvm_uread
kvm_uwrite kvm_write

shared object


64-bit shared object

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability kvm_read() and kvm_write() are Obsolete; the remaining functions are Stable.
MT-Level Unsafe

pvs(1), Intro(3), attributes(7)

May 22, 2003 OmniOS