LGRP_VERSION(3LGRP) Locality Group Library Functions LGRP_VERSION(3LGRP)

lgrp_version - coordinate library and application versions

cc [ flag ... ] file... -llgrp [ library ... ]
#include <sys/lgrp_user.h>
int lgrp_version(const int version);

The lgrp_version() function takes an interface version number, version, as an argument and returns an lgroup interface version. The version argument should be the value of LGRP_VER_CURRENT bound to the application when it was compiled or LGRP_VER_NONE to find out the current lgroup interface version on the running system.

If version is still supported by the implementation, then lgrp_version() returns the requested version. If LGRP_VER_NONE is returned, the implementation cannot support the requested version. The application should be recompiled and might require further changes.

If version is LGRP_VER_NONE, lgrp_version() returns the current version of the library.

Example 1 Test whether the version of the interface used by the caller is supported.

The following example tests whether the version of the interface used by the caller is supported:

#include <sys/lgrp_user.h>
if (lgrp_version(LGRP_VER_CURRENT) != LGRP_VER_CURRENT) {

fprintf(stderr, "Built with unsupported lgroup interface %d\n",
exit (1); }

See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability Evolving
MT-Level MT-Safe

lgrp_init(3LGRP), liblgrp(3LIB), attributes(7)

April 16, 2003 OmniOS